We are Wert Cycling


Wert Cycling was founded with two goals in mind

To produce exceptional bike parts & make them readily available

To realize our ideas, we developed our methods and came up with our own formula.

Form complements function

best describes the Wert Cycling design philosophy and

‘simplicity, solidity & sophistication’

denotes our design language in 3 words.


Our design & engineering philosophy embodies 4 criteria:

  1. Optimized functionality (like high stiffness and ease of maintenance)
  2. High strength paired with excellent reliability & durability (for rider safety)
  3. The highest quality finish (for aesthetics & visual purposes)
  4. The best possible weight (because duh!) without rider weight limits (see #2)

Each Wert product is the result of a deep passion for cycling, the culmination of decades of experience and many years of R&D with thousands of hours of 3D CAD design and FEA analysis to optimize the bike.

With its products, Wert Cycling aims to contribute to a purer, more confidence-inspiring ride that evokes a more tactile and visceral sensation for an intensely satisfying riding experience.


Obsession in the quest for increased performance is never excessive. Still, rider safety is our greatest priority, greater than improving stiffness or weight saving.

We sent a leading test labs various iterations of Wert prototype parts to test with EN14781 or EN14766 protocols because we pledge to ourselves that all Wert Cycling product releases with a high concern for safety. Each product release must comply with, nay, far exceed the strictest safety standards used within the bicycle industry.

Recently, EN 14781/14766 was superseded by ISO 4210. Wert Cycling aspires to becoming the first bicycle component brand to implement ISO 4210 certification for mountainbiking and road cycling for the entire component line.


The belly of a CNC-machine is a workspace where high-tech meets sculpture and power joins precision for a seamless interplay between round sections, undulating cuts and scalloped recesses.

A continually flowing creative process generates intelligent CAD-geometries which, through implementing effective CNC-milling strategies, has only one purpose in mind:

To bring next level performance parts to your bike!

Wert Cycling chose the CNC-machining fabrication process to guarantee the highest precision conceivable to man, excellent repeatability and rapid scalability. Being well-acquainted with its business culture, we decided to operate from the Netherlands for various reasons: logistics, sustainability and the environment, but also for the opportunity of demonstrating how a small country can be big in high-end bike parts.


The date is June 17th 2006. After an awakening to a vision, a company called Project:MYTH came into being to build the ultimate bicycle crankset. Project:MYTH attended Interbike 2007 to show 2 crankset concepts. These generated a largely positive response from both industry insiders and the cycling public.Pez Cyclingnews and Roues Artisanales reported on these early Project:MYTH crankset concepts.

At Interbike 2010, Fairwheel Bikes showcased their 2.7kg ‘World’s Lightest’ bike for which we supplied them with an unnamed 281 gram aluminum crankset. Velonews published the story first, which even got featured on Wired!We also brought a 78 gram 130mm stem prototype that later evolved into the Wert Straight Shooter stem, and a pair of prototype skewers that became the Wert Stick Shift QR’s.

Meanwhile, Project:MYTH still had to conquer a mountain before bringing its radically innovative ultralight steel crankset to realization. Project:MYTH designs didn’t go unnoticed and gained some prestige within the bicycle industry, even as far as to influence key products by other manufacturers. Some have even become iconic.

The Result

In 2008, Project:MYTH became Wert Design & Consultancy. Wert Design & Consultancy provided design and engineering services to other companies within the bicycle industry, and with some degree of success, but didn’t give the freedom to bring our ideas to full expression.

In 2012, our envisioned supersteel MYTH crankset made with elliptical Reynolds 953 tubing finally reached Eurobike, where it intrigued and impressed a varied crowd. This crowd included notable figures such as the late Steve Hed, bless his soul, Phil White and Gerard Vroomen, and Jan and Stefan Ullrich, former Tour de France winner and his brother, who served as Der Jan’s mechanic. However, insufficiently satisfied with the MYTH cranks being too costly for production, Wert Design & Consultancy closed down.

Then, in 2014, we regained our moral and vouched to only develop products aimed specifically at production, which will also include an even more advanced crankset.

Development Partners

The Next Chapter

After years of bootstrapping and costly product development without generating any revenue, many would be discouraged to continue. Instead, the foundation for the birth of Wert Cycling was unknowingly laid. The time is now come to translate all this R&D know-how into next level bicycle components available to the cycling public.

We too regard cycling as a highly gratifying social activity, thus we decided that we want to launch Wert Cycling products together those of you who we count as the in-crowd through what we named Incrowdfunding. We hope you’ll join our initiative for market availability of Wert products so anyone can reap their benefits.

We hope to see you around!

Adam, Maart, Jan Gerrit, Ted & Rico