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To kick off the 2016 cycling season, we are set to launch our first 3 products and continue from there. Here is an overview of our line-up. Click on a tile for more info.

[Straight Shooter stem] [Shime Waza seat collar] [Stick Shift QR skewers]

After That, More To Come

[XPNDR top cap/expander unit] [Perimeter Post seatpost] [Caliber Cranks]

[Pulse Pedal system] [Whirl 700c wheelsets] [Whack 29/27,5-inch wheelsets]


Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter

Are you looking to inject a serious dose of next level performance into your bike? Do you want a stiff, solid yet lightweight stem? Then check out our Straight Shooter!

Each Straight Shooter stem is strategically CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminium round bar.

The Straight Shooter stem has a large barrel for minimal deflection during out-of-the-saddle efforts. The shape has smooth surface transitions for minimal peak stresses to attain excellent strength and stiffness values.

Our Straight Shooter stem is the lightest metal production stem. Its rigidity is so good that its stiffness-to-weight ratio is off-the-charts, the highest of any stem!

Speaking of charts, here is one on the right. It shows which Straight Shooter stem sizes best fits your bike.

Bolts are frequently the Achilles heel in many otherwise good stems. This problem inspired us to design our own proprietary titanium Torx T25 Wert Bolt.

Our Wert Bolt has a spherical head to eliminate the undesirable stresses caused by bolt misalignment. The hot-forging process makes our 6Al-4V titanium Wert Bolt about 170% stronger than those typically supplied OEM and aftermarket.

Due to hot-forging, our 6Al-4V titanium Wert bolts are approximately 170% stronger than those supplied by OEM and aftermarket competitors.

Stefan from Schmolke Carbon GmbH, a company that makes the finest carbon bike parts since 1992, assisted Wert Cycling to optimize the Straight Shooter to tightly clamp even the most delicate carbon parts without damaging them.

Material CNC-machined AL7075-T6
Hardware 6x proprietary hot-forged 6Al-4V titanium Torx T25 Wert bolt
Sizes ±7.5º or ±17º, reversible x 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 or 145 mm
Clamping Ø31.8mm handlebar x 40.4 mm clamp width
1-1/8 inch steerer x 38 mm stack height
Weight 67-97 grams
Retail Price €198 including VAT
Customization Wert can also offer custom stem lengths of 77.5-150mm in 2.5mm increments in your choice of color. A surcharge of €54 per unit applies excluding 21% VAT applies. Estimated delivery upon ordering.

Shime Waza

Shime Waza

Seat collars are often overlooked. Too many bikes have cheap, heavy and ugly seat clamps. However, if you truly love your trusty steed, it deserves a nicely finished, feathery seat collar that won’t let you or your saddle down in any way.

Our Shime Waza seat collar is name after a famous judo chokehold technique. Thanks to two recesses in the inside diameter, Shime Waza clamps tightly but leaves no marks or indentations on either the frame or the seatpost.

Shime Waza is a perfect match for our Straight Shooter stem. Both express the same design language and both are specified with our proprietary Wert bolt!

Material CNC-machined AL7075-T6
Hardware Proprietary hot-forged 6Al-4V titanium Torx T25 bolt
Sizes Ø31.6, 34.9 mm, custom diameters on request
Weight ±8 grams
Retail Price €45 including VAT

Stick Shift QR skewers

Stick Shift QR

Quick-release skewers are a vital part of a bicycle wheel. A flip of a lever allows a quick wheel removal but not all skewers are created equal.

Introducing our Stick Shift QRs. We design the original ball-socket skewers back in 2006 but didn’t start prototyping until 2009. By then, the market was already flooded with numerous imitations (long story) so we sort of forgot about them.

After years of trouble-free riding, we revisited our skewers and, even when the market is moves towards thru-axles, decided they deserved a chance. Thus we spared no details and selected the best materials and fabrication methods available. We source parts from 11 suppliers to build our Stick Shift QRs!

Stick Shift QR features:

  • A construction that’s entirely rebuildable
  • Through the lever, the M6 end of the rod threads into the pivot, making unintentional loosening impossible
  • A solid, confidence-inspiring lever shape for a comfortable grip
  • Pivots & washers have a slick and durable hexagonal boron-nitride coating

We use an extremely slick and hard-wearing coating that contains boron nitride, a substance harder than diamond. This coating has a similar coefficient of friction as Teflon™/PTFE. Even after years of abuse, our coated parts still look as new.

Material CNC-machined AL7075-T6 with 6Al/4V titanium rods & stainless steel springs
Sizes One size for road & mountain bikes
Cam Travel 1.9mm
Lubrication Boron-nitride coating
Weight 29 grams per pair (28 grams without springs)
Retail Price €95 including VAT



Nowadays, many lightweight forks feature carbon steerers. To retain their structural integrity and prevent the unexpected separation cockpit from during riding, a fork steerer should extend (1-4 millimeters) above your stem.

Meet XPNDR, our solution. XPNDR is an expander, top cap and 5mm spacer in one that keeps the headset in check. To add to your convenience, the headset bearing preload can be adjusted by hand. This nugget is worth its weight (savings) in gold!

Material CNC-machined AL7075-T6 & probably Thermoplastic
Size Ø1-1/8 inch steerers with an ID of Ø22.75-25mm
Weight Less than 11 grams
Retail Price €54 including VAT

Caliber Cranks

Caliber Cranks are a true revolution among crankset and their heritage lies in the supersteel MYTH cranks, probably the most advanced crankset to date. MYTH cranks, designed in 2006, achieve extremely high stiffness values from its welded Reynolds 953 tubular arms.

In fact, MYTH cranks are so advanced that they were directly compatible with BB386EVO five years before this standard was introduced.

With development and manufacturing costs so high, and quality control issues related to welding, MYTH crank were so advanced that they were directly compatible with BB386EVO five years before this standard was introduced. With high development and manufacturing costs, and quality control issues related to welding, MYTH Cranks never saw production.

New advances in Added Layer Manufacturing, a technology we explored back in 2007, opened up new horizons. No more welds equals fewer quality control issues! With this technology, we will now make crank arms with an optimized geometry to cope with brutal pedal forces, and produce them in larger series.

Caliber Cranks features:

  • 3D-printed 6Al/4V titanium arms that weigh below 100 grams in any length
  • A weight below 400 grams, including chainrings & bottom bracket
  • The next generation of our patented clamp system used in MYTH Cranks
  • Compatibility with most current BB standards from BSA and ITA to BB30/A, BBPF30, BB386Evo, BB86 (BBright requires a different NDS armaxle)
  • Custom crank arm lengths & Q-factor for biometric optimization

WertLoq is a foolproof bearing preload adjustment that securely connects the axle and drive side arm and uses any Shimano-compatible cassette lockring tool.

Materials 3D-printed 6AL/4V titanium, CNC-machined AL7075-T6
Lengths 170/172.5/175/177,5/180 mm, custom on request
Q-factor 143mm or custom on request
Axle Ø30 x 86mm, direct compatibility with BB386EVO
Interface 9Spline + WertLoq with adjustable bearing preload
Chainrings One-piece spider/inner ring + your choice big ring or power meter
Target Weight Below 400 grams including chainrings & BB
Retail Price Above €1250 including VAT
Customization Custom crank arm lengths between 165-190mm and Q-factors between 140-150mm in 2.5mm increments offered at a surcharge. Feel free to inquire about pricing and availability.

Perimeter Post

As cyclists, we like our seatposts light and comfortable. We found that many seatpost either don’t work so well, are overly complicated to install and adjust, or they’re just not light enough for our liking. We prefer a simpler approach.

The Perimeter Post seatpost features a boltless design with a separated fore-aft and saddle tilt adjustment. It took us nearly a dozen different versions to settle on a design that ticked all our boxes.

We really like Reynolds 953 tubing and found it extremely suitable for our Perimeter Post. Known for excellent vibration damping, this steel alloy can achieve a strength of over 2000MPa for a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6Al/4V titanium. As it’s over 2x stronger, it allows us to use a thinner tube that flexes more and increases comfort.

Our Perimeter Post adds comfort to your ride and completes your bike!

Material Reynolds 953 mast, CNC-machined AL7075-T6
Diameters Ø27.2, 31.6 & 34.9 mm, reduction shims on request
Lengths 400mm (cut to length) with a minimum insertion of 80mm
Seat Rails Compatible with Ø7 mm and 9.6 x 7 mm via different clamps
Weight <160 grams in Ø27.2 x 400 mm
Retail Price €243 including 21% VAT
Customization We can offer reduction shims for your desired seat tube diameter. Feel free to inquire about pricing and availability.

Pulse Pedal

The pedal stroke can be considered as the heartbeat of a bicycle. To sustain your speeds, you must generate and transfer your watts smoothly and efficiently and in a steady rhythm. Our Pulse Pedal promotes biomechanical stability and improves your pedal stroke efficiency, and its low profile also makes it quite aerodynamic.

Pulse Pedal features:

  • An easy step-in dual-sided engagement mechanism
  • An ultra-low total system stack height of <7mm
  • True dual discipline compatibility with road & mountain bikes
  • 2-bolt SPD-compatible MTB cleats & TBD 3 or 4-bolt road bike cleats
  • Independently adjustable float left-and-right for optimized ergonomics
  • Below 100 grams per pair without rider weight limit

Pulse pedal engagement is dead simple. Step the cleat into the back of the pedal in a forward motion to engage the pedal. The cleat then positions itself automatically. No need for pressing down onto a pedal with your entire weight.

Our Pulse Pedals have an open structure that promotes mud-shedding, which is ideal for mountainbiking. With titanium axles and pedal body, the Pulse Pedals reduce rotating mass. While our cleat designs still need to be finalized, we expect them to end up below 40 grams per pair with a system weight below 140 grams.

Material 6/4 titanium and/or stainless steel
Stack Height Less than 7mm
Shoe Compatibility 2-bolts cleats for mountain & 3 or 4-bolts cleats for road
System Weight Below 140 grams (<100 grams per pedal pair + <40 grams for cleats)
Retail Price > Above €499 including VAT

Whirl 700

More information follows.

Whack! 290 & 275

More information follows.

How we roll

Wert Cycling will supply consumers directly through our yet-to-launch webshop, our main sales channel. Since there is no middle man to claims his margin, you get more value for your money.

Our webshop is planned to launch just before our first production parts become available for purchase. Additionally, Wert Cycling has planned to appoint a select number of premium dealerships as an added service to our customers.


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